• An in depth analysis of a players highlight or game film. ​

  • Players will receive feedback on aspects of their game they do well and areas of improvement. 

  • Phone consultation to discuss feedback and answer any additional questions the student-athlete has.

“I have played lacrosse with Teddy Garber as teammates on the field, I have competed against him and I have coached with him. In my 50 years of being involved with the sport, I can honestly say that Teddy is all that is great about the game of lacrosse. His knowledge of the fundamentals and strategy of the sport are only surpassed by his core principals of sportsmanship and integrity that is a Garber tradition passed down by his Dad, Dick Garber. Teddy’s goals of putting together a winning game plan are secondary for his love and passion of his teams ability to grow as individuals. His ability to teach, lead and develop them into not only better players, but into responsible young men is Teddy’s best asset. You and your son could not be in better hands with Coach Garber successfully guiding your family to their next level of an exciting lacrosse journey.”

— Vinny LoBello: Division 1 Player / Division 1 Official / Varsity Coach